An exceptionally versatile artist's acrylic that combines the qualities of a traditional acrylic paint with the ability to be kept wet for longer. For traditional fast drying techniques, use straight from the tube with water or traditional mediums. If you want more time to blend, apply Atelier Unlocking Formula with a brush or atomiser to keep the paint wet for as long as needed. Interactive can also be diluted with water to create watercolour effects. It has a smooth buttery consistency that dries to a matte/satin finish with minimal wet to dry colour shift. Dry paint can be reactivated with Unlocking Formula.


  • 80ml
  • Highly pigmented
  • Lightfast

Atelier Interactive Artists Acrylic Series 2

SKU: ATI502080
  • Each series in the Interactive range is listed separately according to price. (Colour chart shows entire range of colours.) Click on any link below to view or order more colours:


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