• 12 rich and vibrant colours


Free Flow is a soft-bodied artists’ acrylic with a fluid consistency. This versatile paint is suitable for multiple techniques, including washes and glazes, mixed media art, gestural (action) painting, art journaling, and Aboriginal and Chinese art. It can also be used as a substitute for ink, watercolour or gouache.


Paints can be used straight from the bottle or diluted with water for greater transparency. They dry to a rich matte finish with a velvet sheen. Being an acrylic, the paint dries quickly, reducing the risk of layers becoming muddy when overpainting.


  • maximum pigment load and excellent lightfastness
  • dries to a velvet matte finish 
  • can be used on canvas, paper and board
  • Free Flow should NOT be varnished

Atelier Free Flow Artists Acrylic 60ml - Series 1

SKU: ATEL-FF-25005