Set contains 12 x 20ml tubes in the following colours:


  • Burnt Sienna (series 1)
  • Yellow Ochre (series 1)
  • French Ultramarine Blue (series 2)
  • Dioxazine Purple (series 3)
  • Napthol Crimson (series 3)
  • Arylamide Yellow Light (series 3)
  • Arylamide Yellow Deep (series 3)
  • Transparent Perinone Orange (series 2)
  • Pthalo Green (series 1)
  • Permanent Green Light (series 2)
  • Titanium White (series 1)
  • Carbon Black (series 1)


Atelier Interactive combines the qualities of a traditional acrylic paint with the ability to be kept wet for longer. It has a smooth buttery consistency that dries to a matte/satin finish with minimal wet to dry colour shift. Ideal starter pack for beginners or artists wanting to try Interactive for the first time.



Interactive Artists' Acrylic - 12 Tube Set

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