Matisse Inks are acrylic based inks that come in 22 mixable colours, including metallics and iridescents. This stunning range of bright, intense colours are highly pigmented and perfect for use in many applications, including calligraphy, pen and wash, technical drawing and airbrushing as well as watercolour techniques on paper and painting on prepared canvas. 


There are four metallics and one iridescent in the Matisse Inks colour range. The metallics offer interesting additions and effects due to their different surface tension. The iridescent can be mixed wet or dry with any colour to make it pearlescent. These five colours have an excellent lightfast rating of BWS 8. The remaining brilliant colours are either ASTM I or II. This means they have excellent to very good lightfastness. All the colours are fully water resistant, making wet on dry techniques much easier to control.

  • 45 ml 
  • 22 mixable colours
  • 4 metallic colours  
  • 1 iridescent



Matisse Ink Colours

SKU: VMI500145