Faux Finish & Marbling Gel is used with Matisse Flow Formula Acrylic colours for a thicker and more transparent consistency. It can also be used for additional painted finishes and various marbling techniques.


For painted finish techniques, mix MM16 Faux Finish & Marbling Gel with acrylic colour and apply with a stiff brush. Very effective patterns can be created using sponges, erasers, combs, squeegees, rags, stencilling brushes, or even plastic wraps.


MM16 Marbling Gel may also be used in marbling techniques to keep the colours from mixing together, whilst at the same time creating colour effects from opaque to transparent. This medium is also called a scumble glaze or scumble medium.

  • 250 ml

Matisse MM16 Faux Finish & Marbling Gel

SKU: VMM160250