MM3 Surface Tension Breaker is a dispersant used to break down the surface tension of acrylics to increase the flow of the paint. It makes acrylic paint more suitable for airbrushing, calligraphy and watercolour techniques.  For correct results, this additive should always be pre-diluted with water at a ratio of 5-10% Surface Tension Breaker to 95-90% water before adding to the paint. When working on porous surfaces (e.g. absorbent paper or fabric grounds) the addition of Surface Tension Breaker within a water and paint mixer will greatly assist the colour to penetrate onto the canvas. It can also be used as a primer on raw or unprimed surfaces by brushing a diluted solution of MM3 Surface Tension Breaker directly onto the stretched canvas.


  • 250 ml

Matisse MM3 Surface Tension Breaker

SKU: VMM30250