Mi-Teintes is an acid-free, pulp-dyed colour paper. Composed of 50% cotton, it combines mechanical resistance with a sensuous feel. This paper has the advantage of having a different texture on either side. On one side is a honeycombed surface that will hold substantial amounts of pigment, making it perfect for layering colours. The fine-grained surface on the other side is ideal for detail work. Ideal for fine art techniques in pastel, charcoal, crayon and pencil. It is also suitable for wet techniques (watercolour, gouache, acrylic). 

A4 ($21.50)

A3 ($41.00)


  • 15 double-sided sheets 
  • Tones include Ivory (111), Sand (336), Oyster (340), Pearl (343), Cream (407)
  • A4 (21cm x 29.7cm)
  • 160gsm
  • Acid-free, mould resistant, no optical brightness additives.

Mi-Teintes Neutral Tones Pastel Drawing Pad

SKU: VMT1516002