Matisse MM30 Matt Gel Medium provides the same texture and depth as MM4 Gloss Gel Medium while remaining matt. It is a high viscosity binder medium designed to mix with acrylic colours to form transparent impasto layers that dry to a matte finish.


Matisse’s Gel Mediums act as a transparent impasto for thick 3-dimensional brush and knife applications of Matisse Structure. Use MM30 Gel Medium when a thicker viscosity is required in acrylic painting, particularly for impasto work, 3-dimensional extrapolations, multi-layer work and heavy, smooth or textual glazes. Dries clear to a matte finish. When dry, it maintains the structure, brushstrokes and textural effects of undiluted Matisse Structure colours.


  • 250 ml


Matisse MM30 Matt Gel Medium

SKU: VMM30250