Matisse Gel Medium (Gloss Finish) is a fully transparent colour extender for brilliant coloured glazes. Its thick butter consistency acts as a transparent impasto for thick 3-dimensional brush and knife applications of Matisse Structure. MM4 Gel Medium is perhaps the most versatile in the Matisse range because of its ability to facilitate multiple effects, particularly when intermixed with other mediums. It acts as the main intermixing medium when a thicker viscosity is required in acrylic painting, particularly for impasto work, 3-dimensional extrapolations, multi-layer work and heavy, smooth or textural glazes.


Dries clear to a gloss finish. When dry, it maintains the structure, brushstrokes and textural effects of undiluted Matisse Structure colours.


  • 250 ml


Matisse MM4 Gloss Gel Medium

SKU: VMM4250
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