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  • choice of 78 colours 


Professional quality polychrome artists' pencils. Rembrandt Polycolor pencils are made using an oil-based binder, that is, the colour pigments are mixed with oil-based substance instead of wax. This produces a more sturdy and break-resistant core. Polychrome pencils are also less likely to produce "wax bloom". The intense pigmentation of the colours produces professional results for artistic drawing or graphic design. 


  • highly pigmented, lightfast and waterproof
  • provide excellent coverage
  • ideal for blending and mixing of colours and semi-transparent layering 
  • perfect for producing detailed and precise contours 
  • resistant to wax build-up

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor

SKU: LYR001001
Colour A - F
Colour G - O
Colour P - Z