A range of transparent, concentrated colours formulated especially for painting on white and lighter coloured fabrics. Suitable to use on all natural and most synthetic fibres, these translucent colours allow the underlying colours of the fabric to show through. They can be applied with a regular or stencil brush without changing the flexibility and softness of the most delicate fabrics. The rich and intense colours mix easily and deliver excellent lightfastness. Suitable for all fabric painting techniques, including brushwork, stencil work or screen printing. Setacolor Light Fabrics is particularly suitable for diluting techniques, such as tie-dye, batik, Serte on silk and sun painting (also known as Heliographic art). They can also be diluted with up to 3 parts water for stunning watercolour effects. Because these colours are light-sensitive, remarkable effects can be obtained with sunlight using 2 parts water for one part colour. Colours mix easily or may be used alone, even on delicate fabrics. Allow to dry, then heat-fix by ironing on the reverse side of your decorated fabric for 3 minutes. Once fixed, the design resists machine washing and dry cleaning. 

  • 15 transparent colours 
  • 5 fluoro colours
  • 45 ml
  • waterbased

Setacolor Light Fabrics Paint