• 0.7 Ultra Fine calibre elastomer tip with a metal ring
  • Precise, consistent lines
  • 16 vibrant colours 
  • Draw, write, paint, decorate and mark.

A multi-purpose, water-based marker that combines the accuracy of a pen with the quality of paint. Posca markers can be used on virtually any surface, e.g. glass, metal, plastic, stone, paper and fabric. Easily removable from non-porous surfaces such as glass, making them ideal for temporary signs on windows, windscreens, etc. On porous surfaces such as paper, ink is permanent. The opaque colour can be used over dry ink to completely cover previous applications. 


  • Ideal for detailed art, design and creative crafts. 

Posca Uni Ultra-Fine Tip Marker PC-1MR

SKU: PC1MR-1001
Posca Colour